Managed Internet Services

Aster OSS provides a wide range of Managed Internet Services including Wifi User Management, Real-time monitoring of users, APs etc. We have tied up with multiple ISPs across the globe to provide unfiltered plane internet connectivity.


These days DevOps not only powers the development of projects but also has transformed the organization's work environment. We help organizations to adopt the DevOps culture across the Dev & Ops teams by choosing different tools and applications best suitable for their business needs.

Cloud Solutions - OpenStack

At Seinta, we have a great team of engineers who are expert in Cloud Market space. We are the one of most active contributors to OpenStack Community.

Network and Security Solutions

Seinta have a commitment to their customers, on the network equipment price scale. We give the industry's best-in-class network security appliances built on GNU and running on commodity hardware.

Data Center Build-Up

We have a handful of qualified IDC architects who can help you built your own Data Center infrastructure at a minimal cost. We invite you to experience the power of Open source applications which can replace market leaders in Networking and Communication industry.

IP Telephony

Aster VoIP Gateway provides seemless call routing across the globe. Our team can provide integration support for most modern VoIP equipments available in market.